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When it comes to cloud migration, automation makes all the difference

In advance of FinTech South 2019, John Peak, CEO of ReactorWorks, the creators of Matter, sat down with TechConnect to discuss the pain points of cloud migration and how automated migration tools can deliver a solution.

“We have a software solution that automates all aspects of cloud migration for large scale strategic initiatives. This is game-changing for companies that don’t realize a lot of the work that needs to be done for these migrations can be automated,” explained John.

Too often, companies believe they need to hire an army of consultants and coders to build out infrastructure and get to the cloud successfully. While it’s true that organizations should run towards the generational change in technology promised in the public cloud, it’s also true that much of the effort in getting there can be automated to ensure consistency in standards. In fact, it is possible to confirm infrastructure is compliant with the regulatory authorities even before it’s built out.

John voiced his interest in seeing large organizations’ reactions to this reality at FinTech South 2019, specifically in the financial services sector, as smaller companies are leveraging the cloud in innovative and disruptive ways that could command share from the larger players. “Cloud-native firms can offer exponential gains in agility and cost savings because they’ve leveraged cloud the right way,” he said.

Watch John’s full interview with TechConnect here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjEgLNykO1g