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The Cloud Has Gone Mainstream, But You Need the Right Skillset to Leverage It

It seems you can’t be online or even walk through an airport without seeing an advertisement for cloud computing platforms these days – what was a little-known technology just a few years ago has officially gone mainstream. While the practice of placing infrastructure in the cloud is becoming more of a necessity, that doesn’t mean companies, even Fortune 500 enterprises, have the in-house expertise to execute a migration successfully.


John Peak, CEO of ReactorWorks, the creator of Matter, recently sat down with Atlanta Business Radio X to discuss how the critical expertise needed to complete enterprise-grade cloud initiatives is lagging behind demand, causing about 60 percent of these attempts to fail.


Too often, companies experiment with the cloud and find it viable, but try to scale with an internal DevOps team and experience false starts. This emerging, specialized technology demands a skill set that has been honed and evolved to manage enterprise-level migrations successfully.


Fortunately, Matter provides a firewall for DevOps teams that are moving infrastructure to the cloud, preventing them from doing anything unsafe while upholding enterprise-level standards to ensure they don’t do anything out of the norm. As the recent CapitalOne breach demonstrated, it’s just as critical to ensure that nothing malicious is leaked from your infrastructure as it is to ensure nothing malicious comes in.


Enjoy the full conversation on Business Radio X’s TECH TALK podcast: https://businessradiox.com/podcast/techtalk/candid-partners/